Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of our most commonly and frequently asked questions.

Changing the filter is dependent on usage at a given time. If you've been exposed to pollutants, contaminants or someone with Covid-19, dispose that filter after use. If you use the mask with filter for casual outings you can change the filter ever 3-7 days. For best results change the filter after each use.

The style of face mask that should be worn is one with a nose piece adjuster, ear loop adjuster and is fitted to your face. The nose piece adjuster allows you to form around the bridge of your nose, run your finger overtop of the mask under the eye line and loop the ear pieces around your ears making sure that you've adjusted the ear loop mechanisms for a secure fit. Place glasses overlapping the face mask. 

The style best suited for this situation is the Gaiter face mask, it sits around your neck like a tubular scarf and you can place the top front layer over the nose area. Most Gaiter's are one size, our Bamboo Gaiters come in Youth/S, M, L, X/L depending on color.  

The re-usable face mask needs to be washed after each use. We recommend that you purchase 3-7 masks, so you can change your mask daily and wash 1-2 times per week. If you're not keen on washing regularly, you could have disposable face masks to offset the re-usable face mask.

1 week of usage could look like this:

  • Day 1 Re-usable face mask
  • Day2 Re-usable face mask
  • Day 3 Re-usable face mask
  • Day 4 Disposable face mask
  • Day 5 Re-usable face mask
  • Day 6 Re-usable face mask
  • Day 7 Disposable face mask (wash all your re-usable face masks you used through the week) 

We recommend that you hand wash cold after each use, hang dry.

2 years and up. Face masks are not to be worn by children under 2. 

This comes highly recommended as thousands of hands are touching gel pumps, whether it be at a retail store, grocery store, school, gym, restaurant, bank etc. Avoid touching these types of surfaces. We provide 3 different types of hand sanitizers that you can easily have with you. A spray pump, a spray and a gel. 2 styles have a carabineer clip that you can fasten to a purse, tote, gym bag, etc. The hand sanitizer gel is refillable. All sanitizers fit comfortably in a purse if you choose not to use the carabineer clip. 

It comprises a face mask (either water proof or cotton), face mask lanyard and a hand sanitizer. This is going to protect you the best. In addition wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds and social distance 6 ft apart.

Find a mask with a favorite character or something that he/she loves. We've had customers ask this question and we sold a face mask with Super Hero print for boys and a Unicorn print for girls. Now it's their best friend :)

If you have anymore questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!