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Be Kind Face Masks - Founder Tammy RosiekAs I continue to evolve as a person, one thing always remains constant, I love changing lives in a positive way through forms of natural processes. Whether it be a human, animal or mother nature, I always feel moved when I can make a difference.

An entrepreneur and mentor to many inspiring fitness enthusiasts. I've been dedicated to self through natural processes in the competitive world of fitness. Capturing a pro card and 2 Canadian titles left a proud mark representing Canada on the World stage for 7 consecutive years. The dedication and hard work embraced me the most, the accolades were secondary. I will continue to dedicate myself to making a difference as we go through world change. Join me in the newest endeavour Be Kind, a sanction of my current corporation, Fit Stars Natural Products Inc. You will find premium face masks, gaiters, sanitizers, accessories and Sanitize Me packages, that tells a story.

Be Kind  is simply a message, a reminder that through change we be kind to self. When one is kind it moves through your surroundings creating a flagship of comfort, positivity and togetherness.

I asked myself this question, how can I as one human being make a difference through change or daily life? I be kind and grow from me, a small circle and expand to the size of planet earth. Each and every time you come across my circle, join me in expansion as we move together in peace and harmony through world change.

Be Kind to humans...Be Kind to animals...Be Kind to planet earth.

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Be Kind is simply a message, a reminder...thank you for your part in sharing.

Premium Reusable Disposable Face Masks & Accessories for all....

Be Kind Canada has refined an authentic package "SANITIZE ME" This optimum package includes a premium face mask, face mask lanyard and hand sanitizer at a hands reach. A wide selection of premium face masks from the Comfort line, Designer line, Waterproof and Disposables. Functionality, comfort work hand and hand, with a touch of design to feel good in your face mask wear. Soft plush fabrics to soothe the skin, breathable, ear loop and nose bridge adjuster with air filter pocket to maximize your protection when adding the PM2.5 filter. A face mask lanyard suspending from neck, making it readily available for use, preventing loss and falling to the floor. Hand sanitizers with carabineer clips to fasten to a purse, tote or store in a bag, no more touching hand sanitizer pumps in the public that have had 10,000 hands contact.

Items are sold separately or as a package SANITIZE ME.

Be Kind wants to work with animal foundations by donating part of the proceeds.

Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe.

Social distance, stay 2 meters or 6 feet apart.

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