PM 2.5 Filter for Adult Masks

PM2.5 5 Layer Filter 10 Pack Adult - Face Mask

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Product Description

Stay safe & maximize your protection with the PM2.5 5 layer filter. The 5 layers of fabric comprise of 2 non-woven, 2 melt blown & 1 carbon. Stops 90% of the particles from pollutants & contaminants. Dispose after each use for best results or every 3-7 days dependent on usage and exposure to pollutants.             

How to use: Insert the PM2.5 filter along the inside of the mask in the filter pocket. For easy application, slightly fold filter lengthwise prior to inserting.  


  • 5 Layers protection
  • Blocks 90% of the particles
  • Inexpensive
  • 10 pack